2014 cometh to an end. Good-bye, 2014. It was a great year, hadn’t it been for the Chikungunya, the rash-arthiritis-fever-weakness illness borne by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. They say mosquitoes help diffuse information via viruses. In this case I feel a little better. The first half of 2014 was good. The second half was bad: first the aforementioned illness (which I’m assured I am now fully equipped not to get any longer) and its one-week fever with pain plus three more weeks of pain. But the rest of the year was also great, the dice rolling with a few ideas.

We got the TEDx rolling, our second TEDxUSagradoCorazón.  A privilege running with all these kids who helped us in the most professional way. A privilege having such good speakers and performers: check it!



We got our major project, STEMmED II way past its half-time. Mature, well established, with lot of work to be shown off and some work yet to do in the year and a half that lies ahead. Happy with all my four colleagues of the STEMmED Staff, Doribel, Mayra, María and John. Plus Bernabé (Instruction Designer and Media Manager) and Gladys, Grant Manager and owner of everything, really. You all gave me the time of my life, guys. I am deeply indebted.

Our travels in Italy with long time spent with mother and sister and family was priceless. Here’s the Academy-winning video. I had a great time with my old friend Alessandra, who borrowed us her apartment in the Alps, and great time also with my daughter Flavia and my mother: I got to spend three weeks alone with them in June!

My classes were beautiful. Inf103 (Computing), Inf115 (New Media),  full of a great legacy by a few good students. Check the blogs my students built. I am proud, folks. What’s important is that a few of them will keep on blogging, and some have made outstanding blog-sites.

Finish in peace, 2014. At least, we have this suggestive impression.