Now a days I just can’t live my life the way I want to because in today’s society, us people try to be better, compare ourselves, or simply want these others have. In my case, it’s basically all of those things. I always tell people my goals in life yet it’s obviously hard to achieve those goals for my age. I have a lot to overcome to complete my task in achieving the life I want to live. Us humans, not all but majority, compare ourselves to others and that’s clearly not okay. We’re each different and unique and we have to embrace it, but what society is showing us is that we have to be “perfect”. Perfect doesn’t exist but we make it seem like it’s something real. For us girls, in m opinion, it’s harder to maintain sane now a days. We constantly complain we want to lose weight, have long, luscious hair, have that perfect smile, perfect face, perfect love life, etc. These types of things are ruining us girls AND guys, both mentally and physically. Why physically? Because there are people who go through surgery just to look “perfect” through the eyes of others. When it comes to things us people now a days want in our lives are perfect houses, with a perfect love life and a perfect family and tons of money. Those types of things must be worked hard for, they don’t just come randomly in our lives easily. I don’t know about you guys but this thought was just killing me. There’s more to these topics but I just got down to the point because that’s what I wanted to clarify.