Hey guys! My family and I could really use your help. We currently have a Cocker Spaniel named George who has had severe ear and skin infections with a combination of hypothyroidism for quite some time now. My sister, Mónica, has spent about $6,000 throughout these 5 years and is struggling to keep George healthy since he’s only 6 years old. He needs an operation for his ears to keep him healthy and so he won’t go deaf. This operation is his only option because we have tried every other option there was. Please cooperate to save our Cocker Spaniel to keep on living a happy life.

For any questions, e-mail me here: veroballester20@gmail.com or message me on Facebook: Verónica Ballester

Here’s the link to donate! Gofundme


Here you see George's infected ear.

Here you see George’s infected ear.