Honestly I am afraid to even live in this world. What are we coming to people? Violence, crimes, discrimination, rape, etc. I seriously don’t know what else can be done to make this world a better place. Police officers are supposed to make people feel safe but some just make it impossible for us to believe that. Lately we have been in a battle of white cops vs black people and each news I hear and read sickens me more each day. Now recently I find out in the news that in New York City, there was an African-American man named Eric Garner illegally selling cigarettes. Okay, what is a cop supposed to do? Arrest him and get on with it. No. The cop decides to call for backup since Eric Garner didn’t seem to participate. In just a few moments, there are several cops at the scene and attack the man as if he had a weapon and tried to attack the cops but it wasn’t like that. One cop put Eric in a chokehold and the rest pinned him down. Eric Garner was an overweight person and had asthma and by cops doing what they were doing, it was suffocating him. Eric was repeating to the cops that he couldn’t breathe while pinned down. Cops didn’t listen. Next thing they know, Eric Garner was dead right then and there. Writing about this situation makes me angrier because I can’t believe how heartless people can be.

Here’s a video of the scene that went down before the death of Eric Garner: news.yahoo.com