Long distance relationships. Oh how much they suck since you can’t be near the one you love. Heck, I’m currently in a long distance relationship. I’ve never been a fan of long distance relationships because of things I’ve witnessed and the thought of being far away from your partner wasn’t pleasant. I’ve been with my boyfriend for around 3 years now & and saw this coming. He went off to college in Florida and I’m stuck here in Puerto Rico. I love it here, don’t get me wrong but I also love Florida just as much as he does and want to go off in adventures over there and other places together but currently it’s tough for us since we’re studying nonstop and can’t get jobs due to our schedules. What holds me back from visiting him is money. Money, money, money! Such a problem now a days. Since we love each other so much, we’re willing to wait for the next time to see each other no matter when it is even though soon would be the best time but… We don’t mind the distance sometimes. Yeah, you must be thinking we’re crazy for thinking that but no, really. Why? Because when you really think about it, time is going by fast. My boyfriend left Puerto Rico in August and now we’re in November. It seems like he left recently but no because we talk every single day, see each other through Skype, Snapchat, we send each other photos of the things we do and/or remind us of one another. We send each other gifts whether it’s on our birthdays, soon Christmas, Three Kings Day, Valentine’s Day, and sometimes simply because we feel like sending a piece of us to one another so it can feel as if I was there with him and vice versa. In the end, the wait will be worth it!


Michelle Phan: “My Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips”