People might see the Cosmopolitan magazine as a dirty thing to read, especially for young girls. First things first, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I own a lot of Cosmo magazines. Why you ask? Well, Cosmopolitan to me is #1 on the charts! It contains different types of information other than sex. It provides health tips (as in what to eat, what exercises to try out, etc.), relationship advice (which really helps!), serious sexual intercourse questions and answers which might help you out if you can relate to them, it provides quizzes which almost all the ladies love, stories from girls around the world explaining their worst dates and most embarrassing moments, and so much more. I enjoy reading this magazine because I learn new things each time they publish a new article. I strongly recommend this magazine to any gal out there! If you’re looking for relationship advice, dating advice, exercising tips, food choices, sexual intercourse doubts/problems, Cosmopolitan is there to give you the answers you are looking for. Of course they have a site. Go check it out!