the maze runner theatrical poster

The Maze Runner became another book turned movie and it is the first of a series. It was written by James Dashner, who in my opinion is an amazing author as I have read other books by him. Back to the point, as I have learned the hard way you CAN’T compare a book to a movie and in this case you shouldn’t even try.
(I will try my best as to not bring the book too much as the review is for the movie and not a comparison of the two.)

The Maze runner was a fast paced movie and it had a lot of different elements. It had action, it left you dumbfounded, with hope lost and restored then lost again. The movie itself was packed with adventure and fear as these boys in their teens tried to escape what had been impossible for over three years. In my opinion the actors were on point and you have to give Dylan O’ Bryan (Thomas) credit as I believe him to be a good actor. The glade was more or less what I had imagined from the book and as I said the actors were good playing each emotion and the characters were well developed. The movie itself was good and even though in some parts, like certain dialogue between characters, it was written another way in the book.

The Characters:

Thomas played by Dylan O’Brien

Alby played by Aml Ameen

Minho played by Ki Hong Lee

Chuck played by Blake Cooper

Newt played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Gally playedd by Will Poulter

Frypan played by Dexter Darden

Teresa played by Kaya Scodelario
The setting, the make-up and the grievers were well created. In conclusion the movie was well produced and director Wes Ball did an amazing job.