”The Switchboard: Google says NSA surveillance could ‘break the Internet’”

The Switchboard put together a few stories to make a whole news post

As it explained teens ages 13 to 19 are over with the “Facebook phase” and are moving on to new technology and new websites. as i am in between those ages i can say that teen move on quickly to whats new out there. There are many new apps in the world and the hype only last so long.

iOS8 has been controversial since its release.  not many users have downloaded it because of the complaints the users that did download it had.

The invasion of privacy that the government is doing will make people trust in the internet less than it already has and it is making many  ”CNET reports: “The impact of U.S. government surveillance on tech firms and the economy is going to get worse before it gets better, leaders at some of the biggest tech firms warned U.S.”

I believe that privacy is something we have all left behind long ago. With the technology now a days it seems impossible for privacy to exist unless you don’t use the technology. Apps,websites, smartphones, laptops and tablets with camera, and many others specially those where we write and post pictures of ourselves and whereabouts (such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc). Even though I say that i also believe the government has gone way out to disrupt the privacy we have left.

Published by Brian Fung on October 9, 2014



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