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first book in the Vampire Academy series

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Vampire Academy comparison

The first Vampire Academy book was published in 2007. The second and third book frostbite and Shadow Kiss were published in 2008, the very next book Blood Promise was published by 2009. The fifth and the very last one are called Spirit Bound and The Last Sacrifice published in 2010.

The first VA movie was in theaters in 2014

The characters are:

Vampire Academy was written by Richelle Mead. VA was a good movie on its own but, it was not the best movie I have seen. In my opinion the movie was way too rushed for all the content the book had. The story was rushed hence the disappointment I had when I saw it. I have experience from past book turned movies I watched that you should not try to compare the book and the movie. The book series is extremely good and it deserves more readers, and although I give them pointers for getting a Russian actor to do Dimitri’s part I still feel that the movie lacked many things and introduced characters that weren’t meant to be seen until later. Of course what we imagine as we read the book doesn’t necessarily show in the movie adaption but maybe my expectations were too high for the movie..?

As I tried and compare I am happy to see that they stuck with the same plot, had certain scenes as it was described in the book and tried to be as faithful as they could with the characters physically and personality wise. the book had many elements and for all of them to be introduced the way they were people that didn’t read got confused as to what was what and (from personal experience) asked me to re-explained what was explained as they were more or less confused as to what the movie was about. Yes they knew it was about vampires but did not understand the terms such as dhampir, moroi or strigoi.

All in all I believe it was good but it could have been made better, things didn’t have to be so rushed. the movie was 104 minutes long meaning it lasted approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes.  I will not discourage you to see the movie  as it should be seen and have more viewers than the ones it has.