a picture of a heart glowing

photo by disparkys

Such a complex word. Love is a word used out of context in now-a-day conversations. It is but a simple word with so much meaning to it while its use seems to be worthless. More than just a simple word; it is very complex and a feeling in one’s heart which may not be replace by any other unless it be anger or sadness.
They say there’s no better power than the one love gives but, as it seems it is much more difficult as anger and sadness and greed are taking over where love once was. The human doesn’t think it is enough with what he/she already has. This world has become greedy, wanting the love of all but giving none in return. Something no one can give so easily; only children, and it is that love and innocence they possess that makes them give their heart at everything and everyone, for them trust is for all and love and happiness is all that matters along the way along with fun.

As far as feelings go, love is supposed to be the most powerful of them all. It overpowers every sense in your body. For love or because of it people tend to think of the person more than usual, one would normally try not to think of such person in which it is made worse and you think even more of the person by trying to suppress that urge, in other words falling in love with a certain person. Humans have a tendency to think love can be suppressed or even cleared of one’s heart, they are wrong. No matter how hard one may try, falling for a person can’t be predicted or stopped. You can’t choose who you fall in love with it, but you can choose to try and forget the feeling or go with what your heart desires.

Falling in love does not necessarily mean that the person is perfect in your eyes, but that you see all the flaws and still want to be with that person and accept them for who they really are.
This world is corrupted and people tend to forget love just so they can survive the day by day life in which if there’s no money you may not live a decent life, you can die and without a social status you may as well not be alive taking air from those “privileged” with money and a stable life.
Talking about love one has to think of the things that ruin it and that is why it also involves other feelings, people, the world, money and other things that keeps us from loving another or even ourselves.
Love is not all the color of roses and candy, but it has the cruel fate of not being corresponded to, of being made out of a lie or even just to hold on to something that no longer exist (respect, longing, secure feelings, memory’s of the old you or them). Love is now measured by the things you would do for the other, by the things you can give (materialistic), by the money and the stableness you have and by the job.

Now, let me tell you what I PERSONALLY think love is…
I believe that love may never be bought by any materialistic thing this world may offer. I believe in love at first sight but, I also believe that any love needs it’s time to develop and evolve. I think that love is more than just saying “I love you”, “I’m in love with you”, “I have fallen for you”, or any other word you may say. Love for me is very different from love for every other person. You may love your parents one way, for siblings another, your family another and your partner another way; all different, all the same. Love is love, don’t ever forget, but love can be seen completely different depending on the person and their feelings.