I don’t know if you noticed, but it yesterday was Internet Slowdown Day, yeah, I didn’t notice either. I was reading up on some tech news and sorts (checking out the new techie phones and whatnots) when I came across a post by Mashable, titled: Internet Slowdown Day Reduces Net Neutrality to a Pop-up Ad, which I found odd but then I remembered seeing a small post by the staff of another blog site asking users to send a letter to their state lawmakers (I’m from Puerto Rico, our representation is a sack of potatoes in a suit and has no words in anything.) The article goes on to talk about how websites struggled to organise the masses in the crusade to stop the FCC from making the wrong call. One thing that did catch my attention from that article is the fact that very few sites did something to inform the masses about yesterdays fight, truly I can only talk about one or two sites that I visit frequently and one of them is Tumblr, which made a post and added the little circle of slow internet death to it’s header. I just wanted to point out those few things that really caught my eye, you can go on to read the article that I pinned above.

This situation really does concern all of us and for companies trying to stop the FCC from giving priorities to other site, they made a poor attempt. The decision is going to be taken on 15 September by the head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler.

Please, let’s fight this, sign petitions, contact the FCC and let’s protect our neutral land of crazy.

I add a link to a petition page for you to help fight this stupidity by companies and the government. Go here.

Don’t let them slow things down, slow internet is our Kryptonite.