You can’t start a comic book blog without talking about the big guy in blue that has been the frontman for the comic book revolution since he was first seen in 1938. If you haven’t guessed who it is yet, it’s Superman, yeah that guy with the big ‘S’ on his chest, this guy: 

Image provided by DC Comics Entertainment

This man came to Earth as a baby, he was sent here by his parents so he would not perish on his dying planet. On Earth he developed powers beyond imagination, thanks to our weak environment and our young star. If I were to name all his powers I would be here for a while, so I will link you to his info page.  

Superman has faced hundreds of villains and has saved the world countless times. He is a founding member of The Justice League and he is the face of DC Comics. 

Some fun facts:

-Recently an Action Comics #1 became the most expansive comic ever after being sold for $3.2 million dollars. 

Image provided by the DC Wikia

-Superman is basically unbeatable except if you use Kryptonite… if you can’t find it/get some from Lex Luther, you can always use magic. 

-DC sued the now defunct Fawcett Comics for infringement, because of the “outstanding” similarities between Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel and DC Comics’ Superman. (Now DC owns Captain Marvel, which they renamed Shazam.) 

Image provided by Comic Vine