Time. That’s the key word. It is said that time waits for no man, and there’s never been a truer statement.
Time heals; time can be used wisely or time can be wasted, but man waits time as time awaits no man.
It is believed that with time all wounds will be healed even if some leave scars behind so you never forget the past.
The past can hurt as time passes and as the future turns darker with uncertainness.
You should never fear the future as it will stay uncertain forever and you just have to play with your decisions and with the time you have.
Nothing is decided yet. You have the power to change your future for better or worse just by the decisions being taken.
Be prepared. Time may keep going but one can get stuck in memories.
Past, present, future. Words, plain words that have much more meaning than we think.
In the past we have memories, in the present the decisions made at this very moment and in the future… in the future we have a world we are yet to know. We do not know what the future holds for each of us humans, it could be good or bad; some call it fate, others destiny.

This is time, this is us and this is the world; how it works with us and we work with it.