“This essay analyzes the impact that musical piracy and illegal downloads have on singers and song writers. Arguments suggest that even though singers see a direct affectation on their income from royalties (CD sales), these losses are compensated with the sales of their own brand items, concert tickets and advertising contracts. On the other hand, for song writers, piracy does not affect their finances directly, but it does more on motivational terms. The theoretical analysis is based on the income/outcome function as well as on the Cobb-Douglas production function type, which includes piracy as a negative external factor.”


I personally think it doesn’t affect artists, besides it’s generally good for them. They gain exposure and free advertisement from the internet. Plus it’s not like they don’t have any other means of revenue, for example, concerts, merchandise, etc. So that being said, we can come to a conclusion/agreement that artist benefit from music piracy/”illegal sharing”.


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