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” Hackers , What is a Pirate ? “
– Ramos, Rolando ( November 23, 2010 )

This article talks about that a hacker crime and trafficking. It tells us that piracy is the distribution of the average person commits computer items or any type and delivers it or sold without the permission of the author or  without anyone’s permission as if it wascreated by the person causing the offense . This includes fraud and theft and much more so that piracy is a crime. For example , a person creates a music or movie and sold in a compact disc (CD) and begins to produce and sell it for a profit for it’s creation and has rights But theres a problemg that the  pirate can take the compact disc (CD) or computer file and starts giving free or worse .. sell it to other people and take those profits without permissions for the original creator . So piracy is a serious crime and people are stealing computer resources of others without having created or permission. Piracy has the effect of much of the unemployment in the country as professional traders can not prevent plagiarize their work, as these people steal the professional work of honest people and omit copyright and plagiarized work well ; and so people lose their jobs because it loses effect on the public. It does not seem ethical as many people benefit rather than suffer. In this case we do not agree to the above piracy . So every time we are going to use a computer means or simply a digital medium should give the rights of the author and not only that if we take licenses authors if they put they put the licenses provided they say “All rights reserved ” must not use any of that if we have the permission of the author who may even have problems with the law of copyright, however; the author has a reserved right that says” Some Rights reserved ” can use the average but we ask that if you intend to make money with digital media that we have to also give credit 75% of the profits.

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Ramos, Rolando ( November 23 2010 ) ” Hackers , What is a Pirate ? “