Heres My Favorite Ted Talk:

My favorite TED talk is the one with the topic of:

Robin Nagle: What I discovered in New York City trash

I like this talk cause it talk about the trash in New York that the residence  of New York produces 11,000 tons of garbage everyday. In my opinion that’s very impressive for just one state to produce so many garbage… The other thing that I liked is that she made me think the truth about that. When she said garbage man or people that clean are cleaning after you after the trash you made. In my opinion we need to reduce that waste we produce everyday cause it will come to a end in the streets all us surrounded in trash… Like she said that people that clean for you realize that and take a moment to say “Thank You”

My favorite Book?
Well that’s a hard decision for me cause I read many many books like tons of them but I can share at least one of them of the favorite books I’ve like most but I will mention two books I like most.

The first book I elected is called “The Hunger Games” I’ve read all the books and I like them all but I will select the first one cause of the story based of the beginning I loved it and it’s one of the best books and story I’ve ever heard.

The second book I will select is “Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows” Like I said to the second time I’ve read all that books of “Harry Potter” but my favorite one of the series is this one.

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I like this book by the fact that haves a lot of action and fantasy occurring in the mind when you read it. Also I love this book cause it caused me a lot of tension cause it’s the final story.

And Final My FavoriteVideo:
Well this is hard too cause I don’t have favorites in my opinion of videos but I will select one of the best videos I’ve seen of animation from a program called blender that I work on. This animation wasn’t made by myself it was created by some one else, Enjoy:

I like this video cause it inspired me when I was practicing some animation I mean digital animation withe the software called Blender. With the software blender was cerated that short animation film called “Big Buck Bunny”. That I used allot of motivation and altering the animations so I could practice my animation skills. This is the first video i’ve ever saw when I was practicing animation and that has been long time that I’ve seen this video. And thats why I like this video.