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SinceTheTalk-RobinChaseIs sharing the solution to our global challenges?

Twice, Robin Chase has stood on the TED stage and offered powerful visions for a green, and shared, transportation future. At TED2007, the Zipcar founder suggested that car sharing could be the solution to global warming, while also helping drivers without cars. She also posited an even bigger idea:[ted_talkteaser id=212] a mesh network of cars that transport cellular data and Wifi along with people. At TEDGlobal 2012, Chase asked: what if our entire economy were collaborative? She shared lessons from her own experiment in the shared economy, a French peer-to-peer car rental company called Buzzcar.

Chase is a leading thinker on the future of transportation, on sharing and on minimizing our carbon footprint. In her two new projects — a vehicle communications company in Portugal and an online peer economy hub – her ideas have evolved and coalesced.

[ted_talkteaser id=1632]Six years after giving…

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