Galería Genesis (Genesis Gallery)

The Genesis Gallery is an event that has been going on since 2000, thanks to the student counsil of that time. It’s a space in our university given to the sole purpose of exhibiting art works of the students. Every five years a new set of students have the honor of hanging their art work there but first they must go through a panel of judges and compete for a spot. This year out of forty students eleven won a spot and I’m so proud and happy to say that I was one of them. The students Linette Vázquez Polanco, Wesley Hernández Velázquez, Celey Rodríguez, Franco Frontera Negrón, Indihira Ríos Fattah, Emmanuel (Lolo) Andino García, Mónica (Momo) Rosario Cruz, Michael (Mikey) López Trenche, Carlos José (CJ) Román Santiago, Amado Larrazaleta Fajardo and Andrea Ramos León are the winners of the 2013 Genesis Gallery. They each where bought the piece and they are now hanging on the lobby right in front of “Sala de las Artes B”. Here is a picture of my work “The Mask” and in the picture you can see the art professors, the administration and president of the university and at the top all of the winning students.