For class, we were asked to round-up our blog posts and classify them in a few categories. That’s what this post will be about. The traveling will keep coming after, no worries.

1. Blog posts that have been assignments:

  • Tarea 1-
  • Tarea 2-
  • Tarea 3- —
  • Tarea 4-
  • Tarea 5-
  • Tarea 6-
  • Tarea 7-
  • Tarea 8-
  • Tarea 9-

2. I have not done a summary for the class yet.

3. Blog posts pertaining information about the topics discussed in class:

  • Delicious
  • “Jobs” movie review
  • Facebook vs. Google
  • Blog Compilation
  • Feedly
  • TEDxUSagradoCorazon

4. Total blog views:

+ a total of 29 followers


5. Opinions about the class so far:

Considering what other students say around campus about the INF103 class, I was a little skeptic at first. However, I had heard good reviews about my professor, Prof. Vantaggiato, so I was excited. I heard we would have to maintain a blog and tweet in class. Which brings me to my next point, Twitter in class is probably the best thing about the whole course. It gives students the opportunity to utilize this social media as a tool to interact with classmates, the professor, and, best of all, maintain a record of what is being discussed in class. Although it may seem like students are more attentive to their cellphones because of Twitter, we really are paying attention, because we tweet about the class, give tips to each other, and discuss our opinions on different matters of the Internet/Computer world. I hope this tool can be implemented in other courses as well.

The other grand part about class is blogging. I’m not a fan of blogging outside of what Tumblr offers, but it was nice to give something else a try. It has been fun up to date, but I find it a lot of work to maintain a constant blogging rate. Blogging is something some people get payed for, so I see it as more of a job than a hobby. I don’t know if I will keep my blog after the course ends, but it has been intriguing and a new learning experience. That is why I’ve welcomed it with open arms. As the semester turns a corner into the end, I hope we keep learning about this technological realm and the many tools it offers us to communicate with each other and make our lives easier one connection at a time.