Abel Mendez
I found very interesting the fact that he talked about the planets that can be lived be us the humans.  Apparently teres planets out there that can humans live and be in there, like “Earth Two”. I found it very interesting cause of the fact that teres such thing a place to live rather tan eart. And also for living in other planet teres especial requierments like gravity and certeain percentage of that. I would like to hear more of Abel Mendez to gain more information of this topic or “idea” that cause many impact to many people that watched TEDx in the University of The Sacred Heart. He showed us many diagrams and animations of our solar system and planet and the posible meanings of the planets out there like Mars.
This information I got and understanded was taken from the knowledge of Abel Mendez and this was the very best interesting topic I’ve ever seen in this even. I would have wish that was longer so I can i understand other things better. But in my opinión he did perfect on trying to get people to understand his ideas and knowledge.