By pettition this post will be only about my art.   Im a mix media artist , which means i do not use just 1 type of material ( acrylic, watercolor, pencil) I use them ALL.  Hope you guys enjoy! Feed back is always welcome! 

Acrylic and doillies “Birdy”

collage “Red Queen” 

watercolor ‘Rawr!”

acrylic  No Title 

acrylic and marker “Birdy go Poof”

watercolor and gold leaf “My red Queen”

“Mascara” Watercolor, guache, collage and marker over paper ( This one won a competition and will be put up in Sagrado) 

Self Portrait acrylic over canvas “Lust”

“Steampunk Study” colored pencil 

notebook sketch  acrylic, pencil, markers and collage