So I was reading an article titled “Facebook or Google: which website rules the world” by George Arnett. This was class work, yet very entertaining. The article shows a map that locates, by color, the area that Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other websites are mostly used. You can guess by now that Google and Facebook are in the top, Google wining by 12 countries. It’s very difficult to say which one rules the most; they divided it by countries, but how many people in each country? Who knows? All I can say is that Google can rule the world; we find everything we need there! Including what my good classmate Bee said, “You can Google Facebook, but you can’t facebook Google.” But also I can add that Facebook rules your life. I know people that can’t live without checking facebook every 5 minutes and posting what they’re doing every 5 seconds (That’s what Twitter is for). So again Google can rule the world, but facebook can rule your life. Personally if I had to choose between one of them, I would choose Google, I need it far much more, even though I use facebook to communicate with long distance friends and family, but hey, we have google+ too. Here is the link to the article in case someone is interested in reading it. Have a nice day!


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