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This past weekend I went to the theater to see “Jobs,” the movie about Apple founder Steve Jobs. Honestly, I thought it was going to be way better. On the plus side, it has a great soundtrack! Anyways, I’m a big Apple fan and this movie did not do justice to this great man’s life. The movie starts out by showing us a young Steve, just dropped out of college, but still attending classes as a listener. Young Steve believes that college only produces systems, and he could not be a part of those systems. In one small part at the beginning, he mentions his birth parents not wanting him, but we never get to see much of that story unfold, which would have been interesting, considering it was a big dilemma he struggled with in life. However, the movie concentrates more on the biggest aspect of this man’s life, the founding of the biggest company in the world: Apple Inc.

Steve was a guy that struggled working with people. He got easily frustrated with his co-workers at Atari and, later on, in Apple as well. As the movie shows, he worked against systems. He broke them, and created his own system. Jobs was ahead of these systems. He knew what people wanted before they even thought about wanting it. His quirkiness got him to where he got. He wasn’t afraid of confronting people above him. He did things because he wanted to, never asked permission.

As the movie progresses, we are shown the rise of Apple Computer, its confrontations with IBM, and its own problems from the inside. The problems that later led to the firing of its founder. This must have been one of the worst moments in Steve’s life. It’s shown in Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of legendary Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutcher played a pretty good role in this movie, not forgetting he is almost Steve Jobs’ doppelgänger. Anyways, Jobs, is later hired back into his company a few years after and the movie ends with him as CEO of Apple Inc. once again.

Again, I’m a huuuge Apple fan. I type this review from my own Macbook. Steve Jobs should be an inspiration to everyone. The man did what no one had done, he broke through the system and created one of the biggest companies in the world to date. The popularity Apple has is crazy. Please, don’t go on mentioning Android here, because I may flip. Jobs is Jobs and Apple is Apple, there’s really no debate to it. Okay, back to the movie. “Jobs” is that kind of movie that has the potential to be an incredible movie, but did not quite get there. The beginning is rushed and boring, and some important parts of Jobs’ life are left unheard of or unexplained. Other than that, it does portray what Steve Jobs lived for: quality, style, and a computer that was an extension of the individual. Apple revolutionized computing as we know it today. For this, Steve Jobs will always remain legacy. He was, truly, an inspiring human being.

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***Additional information required for my class: The most interesting part of the video we watched in class was how technology, in this case a computer, has revolutionized the way go about our day to day. If we think about the development of computers in the last century, it has gone a really long way. Imagine life without them. I’m pretty sure it would be kind of a hassle. That’s why it’s truly amazing how these advancements have changed the role of this technological tool and how much it has helped the human being to many discoveries. If this has all happened in such a short amount of time, imagine the possibilities in the next twenty years. The computer world is growing faster with each passing second. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Here is an interesting take on the future of computers:

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