The movie of Steve Jobs called “jobs” was vey interesting. It was full of facts for the modern day and information about the creation of the company Apple Computers and the Machintosh. In this movie shows us that Steve Jobs put an advantage in does days and turned them in something that never was seen before. He created the “motherboard” with there friends when they were in college. After that they created more and more and getting more in to it. When he created the computer and created the company called “Apple Computers” people new that it was going to make a big difference in the world and easier. In fact because of that, today we use apple computes or machintosh computers. It made a big impact in our world cause without hes creation and all we wouldn’t be this high in technology now days, I mean we wouldn’t be using computers now days or it would be different maybe.  The parts that the movie of Steve Jobs impact me is that he created the OS called Machintosh today cllaed mac used in MacBooks, MacPro, iMac and more. And that made the computers experience different. And other thing that impact me is the creation of “Apple II” cause it was the all in one computer and the first one, meaning that people never knew if that wa even possible. And the last thing that made a huge impact for me is that he got fired from his own company and managed and never gave up on what he did for a living. In that part i liked it cause in that part was the creation of the computer called “NEXT” and after that the CEO of Apple wanted him back in the company an he was working in his company again. And after a few days he got back to be an CEO and creating the best computers in does day and being a succesful company.

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He wanted to create a computer that makes the huma being adapted to it, something easy, fun at the same way and intelectual. Something powerfuland useful. And he made it. He was Steve Jobs  one of the best impacts in history of the technology the world.

This was the first presentation of the Machintosh one of the most big impacts in “apple co.” This was a lost video and a youtube user upload it to share it with us.  BytesofApple