There’s something about small towns that make them all the more charming. It could be the fact that everyone seems to be familiar with each other or the picturesque aspect they have, but small towns tend to grow on you. They squeeze their way into our hearts and they stay there forever. That’s why I refer to them as small towns with big hearts.

One small town that captured my heart a few years ago was Avignon, France. This little town took me by surprise. I was traveling through Europe with my family when we came across with another one of those medieval towns I love so much.

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Avignon is located in the southern French Provence. It is a walled, medieval city, and it’s another destination that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can get to Avignon by train or car (train is cheaper). There are a few destinations to visit while in town. Some of those are: Notre Dam des Doms, the cathedral; and,  Palais des Papes, a grand palace that was built by popes during the 14th century. There also many churches one can visit to admire their architecture. Another great stop during a visit to Avignon, has to be its bridge. It was named after its constructor Saint Benetzet, a boy who claimed that angels were telling him to construct the bridge, and so he did.

As with most European towns, if you have to eat or cool down with a nice beverage, do so at a café, please. They are always a must. One does not travel around the world to eat the food as at home. Remember, traveling enriches us with knowledge and culture; gastronomical in this case.

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The coolest thing about Avignon is its theatrical atmosphere. When I first visited with my family, all we saw where people advertising their respective plays on the streets.  Everyone had a different act, they were all dressed up, and put up some really creative skits or acts in order to grab your attention. Watching these people advertise their careers or hobbies with such passion is a great inspiration. If you go during the summer, make sure to catch the Avignon Festival, which consists a mix of theatrical, cinematic, musical, and dancing performances and showings.

With its medieval setting and extraordinary, crafted streets performances, Avignon definitely becomes one of those small towns with great hearts. It captures the heart of any traveler that comes through. Let it capture yours. It did with mine!

Palace de l'Horloge

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