Hello, my name is Cristina. I’m currently doing my BA in Advertising and Public Relations, and I’m in my junior year. What I plan to achieve on my journey in my university is to try and learn all that I can so when I graduate I can do my best at work. I want to find a job where I can put all my knowing to work. I enjoy reading, hearing music, fashion, traveling, and much more things.

This blog will be about all the things that I enjoy doing on a daily basis, about things that I find interesting and what I want to achieve on a nearby future. With pictures, videos, quotes, and thoughts I will try and express and show things that for me are relevant in my life and that have or will make an impact on it. I’m also going to be blogging for my informatics class. Some of my posts will be about things I find quite interesting, and some others will be relevant to what we’re living today. I’m also going to blog about my field, which is Advertising & PR. I hope y’all find my blog interesting and useful, and that it can help you in some way or another. Happy blogging!