First Off: I’m cordially inviting you to this blog to be informed in cinema news. The brief information you’re going to find here is movie review and movies that are going to come soon (come-ups) Official IMDB Rating and some MPAA Rating System News and information of the class of infusc101. You’re all invited to come in this blog and explore the cinematography world. This is Revolutionex Pictures and welcome.

Hello, my name is Ricardo Velazquez and people call me Richard Xavior or just the name Ricky. I have being studying arts since 2001 in music school and art school and I play Piano, Clarinet, French Horn and Drums and Little of Guitar,  I’m from Ponce and 18 years old. I’m a student of The University Of The Sacred Heart, my passion is cinematography and film-making since many years. I started to study in the University of The Sacred Heart cause I want to get my bachelors degree and  in the side I’m taking a minor for then taking it full in Chemistry Medicine or Medicine in Surgery. But For now I’m getting concentrated on film-making I’m planning to get my bachelors degree on Cinematography to then taking my master’s degree on New York Film Academy (NYFA). Right now I’m forming something called Revolutionex Pictures my goal is that in the future it can get big and form part of the movie industry. I got my motivation from the history of the first CEO of Paramount Pictures, right now I’m working on Writing and edits  in summer I got the chance to go to the studios of Paramount Pictures and work and still working online for now. I’m liking the experience and right now I’m writing a script to be film as a movie not a short film. And from my experiences I do multidimensional animations on the computer (Digital Animation).  Today I’m writing all this and getting a chance to talk about myself and I hope getting my best years in this university with the classes I have right now and the future. But talking a little more of the my cinema passion. I have being editing videos and learning with programing and video tools since 2009. Since 2010 I learned the basic of Adobe After Effects and I shot my first video and sent it to the Studios to get my evaluation and I passed. And since then I decided  to study this part of arts called cinematography.  But in short information, I just want to get my bachelors degree on the university of the sacred heart from Puerto Rico. Thanks for Reading.

-Ricardo X. Velazquez Ortiz