Before I get started with this review I would like to take a moment to apologize for not putting this up yesterday. In real life I was a bit busy this weekend so I only got to see the episode yesterday evening and by that point i was exhausted so I didn’t have the capacity to write down my thoughts on the latest episode. The second thing I want to say is more of an announcement. I recently have been cast for a web comic dub called “The Seer”. Its about  a girl named Korbyn and how she has the ability to see monsters in our world. When she opens a book passed down to her by her grandmother her powers slowly start to awaken and she meets a variety of monsters from creepypasta lore such as Jeff the Killer, Masky from Marble Hornets, Slenderman, etc. If you want to read something new with an interesting twist on the monsters you can read the comic here:

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The last announcement I need to make is…well…Im heading back to college tomorrow so I wont be able to make regular posts once I get bombarded with work. So if my episode reviews come up later than usual this is the reason why. Its not that I dont want to its that Ill probably be busy as heck with my second year. With all that said time for the review.


The episode beings with a very brief recap of the final scene form the last episode and from there we see what Levi launched was a sound grenade. Eren notices the many back up soldiers of the Scouting Legion being killed by the Female Titan as they try to take her down. As such a part of him wants to fight back but the other members of Levi’s unit strongly state that they should continue to follow Levi’s orders. Eren then realizes he can use his titan abilities to fight back but as hes about to bite down Petra encourages Eren to have faith in Levi’s squad. From there we have a flash-back to Eren being told by Levi that they were going to run experiments to see how they can properly control Titan Eren”s powers. Hanji then places him down in a stone well and orders him to try and transform. As Eren bites down on his hand he realizes after multiple bite’s that he isn’t able to transform. Whats worse is that his wounds don’t seem to heal automatically either once hes taken out of the well. As he tries to figure this out over a cup of tea he drops a mixing spoon he used for his cup and as hes about to grab it his titan form partially appears. The other members of Levi’s squad suddenly lash out their blades, ready to attack Eren but Levi stands in Erens defense. Hanji arrives on the scene excited to see Eren using a partial transformation but is slightly disappointed when Eren pulls his hand out of the Titan body. Later on that evening it is revealed by Hanji that Eren can only transform into a titan when 2 factors are met: 1. when he has dealt his arm some form of injury and 2. He has to have a reason in order to transform. Upon hearing this the other members of Levi’s squad all bite their hands as a sign of understanding and as a form of an apology. As Petra repeats the line “have faith” Eren decides to ride on with the squad and not use his abilities. As the squad runs Commander Erwin springs his trap and hooks the titan with multiple hooks and cables. From there we see that the commander wishes to discover the titans identity and after a close up to her face the episode comes to a close.

Once again we have an episode that comprises of a flashback but in this case its much less grim. We see the more human side of Levi’s squad and how,when in danger, they will show no hint of mercy for their opponent. We also see the other side of the team which is their more understanding and human side. When the members bite their hands it means they understand the pain Eren goes through even if its just a slight pain to them. We also see that Levi isn’t exactly as mean to Eren as others would make him out to be. He has a job to protect Eren and will even stand up to his own team to do it. Another element of this episode that made it funnier and more light-hearted was Hanji and her crazy attitude. Just seeing her reactions to Eren growing his titan arm were enough to get me to chuckle and of course her analysis on Erens transforming ability was spot on. Overall this episode was a good one and the character award for this goes hands down to Hanji for not only bringing a few laughs but also bringing some very smart theories. Thank you for reading and Ill see you guys next review!