You know…I listen to a lot of peoples problems…from best friends to my own family members I’ve heard stories and arguments that are all similar…someone is bothered and demands some form of retribution while the opposing side is bothered by said person and demands retribution from that person. Well I thought of something while listening to someone ranting at me about a situation…why not here their side of the story and calmly talk things out? Why don’t people ever take a civil approach to things and just sit down calmly and just talk? Why must we resort to name calling or back talking or even physical violence about things that anger us as a species? If we just took a moment out, took a breathe and said “I really need to talk to you about something” all sorts of negative issues would be resolved in a flash! So why don’t we?


……No answer? Well allow me to provide one. The reason, in my opinion, is because were so wrapped up in the idea that our side of the story is the right one. Now that I’ve provided a reason allow me to provide a solution…how about forgetting there’s sides to the equation and just focus on the fact that both you and the other person are at fault in a situation and comes to terms with it instead of blaming each other? I say this because in every argument, every fight, every quarrel, you name it there is no one innocent. There will always be people at fault and if that person is you then you need to come to grips with your mistake and talk to that person about it instead of holding in the scorn and hatred until that is the only emotion you feel for that person. Why am I talking about this you may be asking yourself?

Simple…because there’s two sides to every story…and I want the world to stop being one-sided