Through the course of the past five months I have been posting a variety of things in my blog.  Here is the blog production of  the different projects and homework that is given me from the class that gave me the inspiration to start this blog. Here is a little inventory of my blog production in the past few months.


Asig1 – Hello

Asig2 – In Memory of 9/11

Asig3 – A Vision of Students Today

Asig4 – “Mira, mira! Look up.”

Asig5 – The Radio

Asig6 – Piracy

Asig7 – My Domain!

Asig8 – Blog Production

Asig9 – Political Parties & their use of Social Medias

Asig10 – Google Reader & Feedly

Asig11 – My Top 10 Blogs!

Asig12 – Inf103

Asig13 – Excel Homework


1. Sept. 27, 2012