I know its a day late and all but I would like to take come time out to tell my story of 9/11

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11 For those of you who somehow don’t know what 9/11 is


Back in 2001 I was only 8 years old and attending Abingdon Elementary School


Though the memory is a bit vague in my head I remember it was time for recess. I walked out of the lunchroom to the back play area and since I lived in Virginia at the time we were half a mile away from the twin towers


The moment it happened…I felt a shake…a tremor…I nearly fell over but grabbed onto the fence nearby. After that silence fell. Students were all sent home after that. I was too young to understand but…I remember….my mom and dad were crying as we drove home and even hours later…I didn’t know it was such a huge deal…I can honestly say though I consider myself and my family lucky. My father worked near that area so he was lucky he didn’t get caught up in the mess. May those who lost their lives in that terrible accident rest in piece…