If you are like me, and studying cost you trouble, then this is my plan to get inspired to study. Forget the boring, same notebooks that all your fellow friends have in common. Spice them up! Make them your own, and here is a great way to do just that…



1. Choose the notebook that you want to decorate.

2. Cover the notebook with your choice of wrapping paper.

3. Once you have the notebook covered, you are ready to start decorating.

4. Using the different materials that you have home, you can start decorating the notebook adding details such as: buttons, ribbons, stamps, flowers, wire, etc.

5-6. Adding some ribbons, and a few buttons we make the image of a luggage.

7. Making two holes in between the two ribbons. We wrapped wire through them making the handle for the ‘luggage.’

8. Finishing up, we wrapped some more fluffy ribbons around the wire and a tag for our information to be on it.

* Don’t forget to add as much or as little details as you would like your notebook to have.