Hows it going everybody? The names Randolph and Im studying general communications at the University of the Sacred Heart. My goal for studying in this field is to one day become a voice actor and a sound engineer…and maybe an actor on the side.

For my Blog Im going to post about 3 different things:

1.Voice Acting recordings – As I previously mentioned I want to be a voice actor. Every once in a while (once I get a schedule for the recordings Ill post it) Ill post a recording of my vocal impressions. These impressions will range from Stand-up Comedy impressions to cartoon and anime impressions.

2. Video Game Facts – I have a certain soft spot for retro video games and the IP’s that follow them. Because of this I have studied alot of facts about older consoles and will write a fact or two based on consoles ive played like the N64 and Sega Genesis.

3. Cosplay – For those of you who have never heard of this before (and believe me thats ok xD) Cosplay is when a person dresses up as their favorite anime(Love anime with a passion), video game, or movie character. When I find a really good picture of a cosplayer Ill put the picture on the blog for all to see. Sometimes I might even post some of my own cosplays :) so stay tuned.

So yeah…thats the gist of what this blog is gonna include( side from homework posts)…Hope you guys like it :)