Well Harry Potter pt.2 of the deadly
hallows it was very interesting because the movie had some effects
that other movies that didn’t have at first we were like “ Oh we
know what is going to happen, Harry Potter is obviously is going to
die, and done” We were all INCORRECT. Because when we saw the movie
it was a masterpiece of art movie compared to the other harry potter
movie. My favorite one was Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone but
when I saw deadly hallows it was full of action and so much
experience with harry. We loved the act of Hermonie and Harry and of
course Ron. But when we saw the Deadly Hallows Part 2 we were shocked
because w=first harry died in the end but he revive again and then
fight an he wined victory, and the final part we loved it we didn’t
expect a scene from harry and his friends in the future they have
kids. But in the next post we are going to talk about the surprise
that Warner Bros haves for you guys. Yes it’s a movie from Harry
Potter but you will never know who’s going to act and the new story
from the beginning from “zero”.