This was probably the best course I took all year, art coming in close second. I was interesting and I finally got to to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: Write a blog. In my future I want to do something related to writing, that’s why I chose journalism as my degree, all in hopes that one day I’ll get the chance to write for one of the big newspapers out there. Blogging is a big step forward for me,  though I still have a long way to go I’m not about to stop. It’s a growing and learning process.

I honestly have to admit that when I took the first class I was exited. All this topics and things that I had a huge interest in were going to be discussed as the main topic of the class, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Though there’s one thing that I think was missing that in the end had a negative effect over me. There isn’t enough of a sense of obligation.

I feel like the class needed something more to remind us that “it is a class” that there’s a score and that you CAN fail if you’re not careful. This might be because of the class being relatively easy, or because we are supposed to be responsible for ourselves being college students and all and also to test how dedicated we are to the blog, but I feel that there should be a larger sense of urgency, of “pressure” I guess you cans say; this might just be me though, I usually work better under pressure.

Then there’s the final projects. I believe the Campaign project was great, a great idea and though I usually prefer working alone it definitely put to the test our ability when it came to teamwork and team communication. Though I have a bit of a discrepancy with the Vinculacion job In this last job I think we had very little time, or at least believe that we could have done a much better job with more time, though this might just be because we got government, which is especially hard with elections coming up, but here’s an idea; What if this job was assigned and announced at the beginning. The job can be assigned early for the end of the course, that way there’s no excuse for not having the interviews, to make it fair difficulty wise more can be asked of the students, like blogging about their progress, going to the institution and taking photos, getting a tour maybe even a written part, to me this would add the pressure I need and remove my complaints, but that’s just me.

In the end I really enjoyed the class, it was eye opening in a lot of ways, I learned a lot and surpassed my expectations. I would really recommend it to anyone who hasn’t taken it, and more specifically with professor Antonio Vantaggiato so they can get the full experience.