This semester we participated in many actvities and posted many blog entries for the Inf 103 class. These are many of the entries required by the class:

1. A Vision Of students today

2.Creative Commons

3.La red Mundial (resumen)

4.Kony 2012

5.Enciclopedia Britanicca (resumen)

6.March 13 class summary

7.Evernote (Tutorial Vid)

8.Sumary April 24

9.Resumen Excel

10.Resumen Campana

11. Periodico


In the end of the semester I had a total of 82 View, though I don’t pan to end it there and I do plan to further open some horizons to allow for more views.

How would I evaluate my Blog? Average, or maybe a lil’ below average. Why? Well, in terms of the class I do believe I did a good job with the entries individually, they’re done well, provide as much info as I can and though I did bend the rules a lil’ with the whole thing about the pictures, they are there. Many of them have links in them.

The down side to my posts is that I should have posted more, period. There should have been more posts related to the class and there should have also been more posts related to my own subject. I believe in the end I ended up with a total of like 16 posts, very little for the past months, but at least I made sure they where quality posts.

I put a lot of heart and soul into the things I write, if they are not to the standard I set, they are simply not good enough.