It’s been a while since I posted anything and i decided to post something more related to my interests so I’m going to build a new post, and possibly a whole new section dedicated to dreams. No, not the dreams tha you have of your future, but rather the dreams you get when you rest your head against your pillow and allow yourself to slip away from reality.

This may seem like a strange topic of discussion but, believe me, it’s much more interesting than most people think, and there’s a lot more we know about them that than we let on.

This is all going to seem very confusing at firsts, especially with all the terminologies involved not to mention some of these thing need to be experienced to understand them, so we’ll start with the “meat” of it.This is probably one of the strangest terms you’ve ever heard, if you haven’t heard of it already; some of you might have heard the term mentioned but never payed it much mind, well, now I’m hear to teach you about it.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis in it’s basis is the state in which our bodies have come to a complete rest and we drift into sleep, slipping into our subconscious. Pretty basic, huh? Well, not entirely, it’s called sleep paralysis for a reason. What if I told you that your body can go to sleep without your brain doing the same, while staying conscious? Yes, this is possible, I’ve done it myself; your body sleeps while you, consiuously remain awake.

It all seems odd and redundant, but it’s fully achievable and this is were the paralysis part quicks in, see when you’re in this state you loose control of all motor functions, yeah, I know , scary, right? Well, yes and no, it’s incredibly easy to wake yourself up in this state, if you get svared your heart rate will raise warning your body to wake up, so it’s actually incredebly hard to GET to sleep paralysis and then saty there. Now, you’re probably asking yourself why you would want to go ahead and do this, why you’d put yourself in that odd, uncomfortable situation, well i got two words for you: Willing dreams.

Willing dreamsunconscious control and the reason I started it; the ability to escape your nightmares.

Well, that’s all I can give you for now friends, I’ll be keeping this updated as much as possible and will be coveing our next topic soon

Wake Induced Lucid Dream(ing)