Yesterday night, while eating dinner, I caught my daughter Flavia while humming an obviously known tune. So, I quickly youtubed it, and found the song I so much loved in 1992: What’s Up, by 4 Non Blondes. I really loved that song, and I heard it over and over for a long time. Of course, there was no YouTube in 1992, and then I simply forgot about it. So, yesterday was an epiphany: the very first time I watched a video of the band, in synch with my daughter who was humming the song.

But the fact is that she was humming a different version of it, a much newer, processed version, which comes together with a video. In fact, she didn’t believe it was the same song at all! Here it is.

Watch the new version and enjoy the comics, the surreality and irony of it. Ah, it is a triumph of pop culture! Also, the music processing and arrangement is genius. It is a preview of what our youngsters are looking at.

And it was a moment of sharing with my daughter. Long live rock’n’roll!!