Since my last post was biblical, allow me to continue here along the same tonic. I am writing this on Easter Sunday, so the inspiration comes from the beautiful words of ancient liturgy.

Christus heri et hodie, Principium et finis, Alpha et Omega, ipsius sunt tempora et saecula. Ipsi gloria et imperium per universia aeternitatis saecula.

Christ yesterday and today,
the beginning and the end,
Alpha and Omega,
all time belongs to him,
and all ages;
to him be glory and power,
through every age and for ever.

Yes, this is Imperium, Power. Expressly pronounced in the heavy and powerful words of Latin.

No, the Vatican is not a corporation, as the nice article (in Spanish) by Carlos Alberto Montaner, Vaticano Inc (con perdón), suggests. The Vatican is a power, a nation-state -sanctioned by Mussolini’s Lateran Pact. It is the continuity of the Roman Empire.