Today’s discusion consisted mostly about this blog and what things must be included to achieve the highest grade. the ideal way to add content would be to include links such as this one, and images. This is suppose to add a sense of attraction and a lil’bit of eye candy too.


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Finally we discussed the demise of “British Encyclopedia”.

“British Encyclopedia” meets END at hands of Wikipedia

It’s pretty straight forward really. What many thought would happen, happened; Wikipedia eliminated the need for book encyclopedias.

Here’s an article about it in Wikipedia (For irony’s sake).

It’s not surprising that it happened. Much of the information that was included in the original paper/book version is already included in Wiki, with one mayor difference: 2,000 Dollars out of your pocket. The orginal version of Encyclopædia Britannica, as it is officially named, is worth around 2,000 US dollars to obtain all 30 volumes of it, and this in reality is just a rough estimate.  On the other hand you have Wikipedia; it has free information that can be freely accessed and edited at any time. Free access and the ability to edit has it’s disadvantages,but the advantages far outweigh them; such as:

  • Easy access from anywhere there’s internet
  • Environmentally Friendly (somewhat at least. Electricity is still oil)
  • Info. on anything and everything (Even things you might not even want to know)
  • Can be corrected and Edited at any time
  • Quick searchabilty – Not having to search alphabetically for whatever you have to between 30 massive volumes
  • but most of all, it’s free

It’s sad that such and amazing compilation of information has ceased circulation, but there’s good news for those that are heavily interested. The company decided to print what I believe where at least 2,000 more copies of the Encyclopedia, though I also assume the price will scale accordingly. If you’re really interested, or were involve with the Encyclopedia before you can visit their website, it provides a similar , if not identical service as the Encyclopedia.

For those of us that can’t afford Encyclopedia Britannica, we’ll stick to Wiki. There’s not much to loose, the one upper hand the Encyclopedia has is Authorship, but I’m sure the teach won’t mind if our Civil War paper says it happened in 1936 (Don’t worry, it doesn’t really say that). Wikipedia is a great source of information, doubtful? corroborate, search other cites, go to the library, actually read your class books or other books on the subject, Can’t do that? Well, be ready to pony up 2 grand, it hurts, doesn’t it?