Well, more precisely, no he did not lie, or at least he didn’t lie to our faces.

Everybody must alrady be aware of the Youtube sensation that struck us recently; KONY 2012. Well readers, I’m here to tell you that most of what you saw in that video is an exaggeration. Yes, there’s a Joseph Kony; Yes he did horrendous things to young children, but there’s one detail Jason Russell failed to explain: Kony hasn’t been heard of in over five years.

The guy has been gone for a while, some rumors even suggest that he’s dead. Ugandans have been questioned about this man and a large percent of them care nothing or very little for this man. SO, what kind of conclusion does this lead too? Well, Jason Russell and the rest of Invisible Children getting rich off the video and off those that went far enough to buy the “KONY 2012 Action Pack”. Joseph Russel utilized old almost irrelevant news to earn money.

Okay, I know some of you are going to argue that there were “good intentions” behind the extremely well produced video. Well, yeah, I’ll give you that. It was a very well produced and edited piece of documentary cinema, it does deliver a good message and it shows how society is changing a lil’ at a time through the mediums of communication (The whole thing about making a change trough unity Yada Yada Yada),but that’s were it stops. I very sincerely doubt that Jason Russell is caring much for the cause right now, especilly after recent news.

“According to NBC San Diego, Mr. Kony 2012/Hot Dad 2012 Jason Russell was allegedly drunk and masturbating in public on Thursday night in San Diego.”

– The insider

By Meg Swertlow

Yeah, you read right. And of course he was arrested for this. Oh, but wait, there’s more.

 ”Lt. Andra Brown says in addition to allegedly masturbating (yes, there’s more), he reportedly vandalized cars and was possibly under the influence of something.”

– The insider

By Meg Swertlow

I’m sorely disappointed in all of this. I started of believing there was finally going to be a change and this would be and example that would lead others to follow, but I was wrong.

That’s the last I will say, I’ll leave you with an additional bit of info. but it won’t come from me. This one comes form a young woman of Ugandan heritage that had a Lil’ something to say, and I must say, she did a splendid job.

I’ll be staying up to date keeping track of Jason Russell, I really want to hear what he has to say, there’s already rumors taht he did it because of the presure, well, we’ll see.

Stay Tuned. And don’t loose hope.