Sonny Moore

One upon a time, there was a boy named Sonny Moore, and he managed to get the job of lead singer for an up-and-coming post-hardcore band called From First To Last at the tender age of sixteen. They were pretty popular, but after two albums, years of touring, and being quoted in countless AIM away messages, Moore left the band in early 2007 to pursue a solo career. He embarked on the Alternative Press Tour 2008 in support of All Time Low and The Rocket Summer.

Then he kind of went away for a while, purportedly working on a solo album… and now he’s back. As Skrillex.

Moore has put out two EPs under the Skrillex moniker, the aptly titled My Name Is Skrillex and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Let me get one thing out of the way – this is nothing like what we’ve heard from Moore before. This is electronic music. And, believe it or not, the former screamo kid is blowing up in a very real way. He’s currently on tour, opening for arguably the biggest DJ around, Deadmau5, who apparently talks up Moore’s DJ abilities pretty frequently.

Yeah, this is insane, and I must admit, I love it. Looking for something different? You found it.

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