Hello my fellow readers, I know this doesn’t have to do with anything with the main idea of my blog but I felt like its very important that I mention this matter.  Its very important that protect ourselves from people trying to break into accounts whether in real life or through the Web. I find it very difficult to believe that people would go through so much trouble just to crack your password for they can access all that you have. People in this world would do nothing to take everything from  you, to destroy it all or even pretend to be you. I consider this matter very problematic since they look for ways to try to enter your accounts from social medias to even bank accounts, this problem has no solutions but at least we can slow down the people trying to break in with longer passwords and hiding our information better. I once read somewhere I don’t remember where but it was about a girl who was hacked more then six times and that she knows how to handle these problems and such. She once said that from Italy there was a purchase made for a furniture that cost 6,000 dollars and thanks to these thieves she wrote that her father died trying to fix all these account problems and such that they made. This problem really has gotten out of hand and knowing that someone can hack us at any moment from anywhere is very scary since it can bring not only us down but as well as everyone around us.