Im sure just by reading the title your wondering what the heck Gijinka is. The best way i can summarize it is like this: take a character that is anthromorphic or non-human and give them a human body and clothes that resemble their original designs. An example of this  would be a character like GLaDOS or HAL9000 who have no human features being given an human form with clothes similar to their original design. Gijinka is an interesting idea in my opinion and offers a lot of variety and creativity. Just typing in Gijinka on a search engine or art site like DeviantArt will get you an unbelievable amount of results of different Gijinkas. The types of Gijinka are also varied whether it be from Pokemon, Portal, Kirby, even Disney! and dont think Gijinka is just a form of humanoid art either. People enjoy Gijinkas so much that there are actually cosplay’s of it surfacing in various locations. Talk about amazing! Ive seen a few of these cosplays myself and I gotta say its amazing what a persons imagination can do! Here are a few example right off of DA to show you what I mean: (Articuno) (Amaterasu + Issun) (Sonic + Amy Rose) (Mickey, Minnie, Daisy)

Now I dont wanna shove my opinion down anyones throat but I think this is amazing O_O the idea that the passion and love for a franchise can be expressed in such a way is really astounding to me. You know…maybe Ill make my own Gijinka one day! In fact I say give it a shot to anyone who loves cosplay and ANYONE who wants to try something new :) you wont regret it. This is Kyzer Aqueron….Errr…gimme a while to think of a good phrase to put here…till then…logging off!