Around the month of April 2014, I experienced a new adventure with my senior class. I went to Disney for the very first time & traveled on a plane after such a long time. I never really got the chance to express myself in my journal on how I felt and what adventures I went on during the trip but now I have the chance. The feeling of being on a plane was strange and a bit terrifying since I’m not used to it. Luckily I had the support of my boyfriend and friends to keep my mind off the fact we were far over the ocean and anything could happen. Throughout the trip, there were ups & downs but we all got through those times as a close group we were. Although my whole group did not stay together to experience the rides and laughs, it was amazing to at least enjoy the moments we could and share the memories over and over again. That senior trip was one of the best moments in my life due to the laughs and joy we’ve had. Now a days, I just reminisce those wonderful times I had and constantly say I want to go back. Isn’t it just wonderful to feel such happiness?

Author: Veronica (me)