Now, if you ask me, I’m not so thrilled about this “IVA” thing. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is a tax thing that is currently causing chaos in the island of Puerto Rico and it’s something that will ruin us even more. The IVA is a tax that increases the things we buy 16%. The “IVU” was already 7% but it’ an exaggerate thing to increase the things us citizens buy on a daily basis. It’s bad enough we struggle with what we got or try to get currently, adding the IVA is like the end of the world to us. This is one of the many reasons Hispanics from this island are leaving to the states. We struggle daily financially, why add another weight on our shoulders? Do you know how many people work their butts off to keep everything paid up to date and to maintain their families? Kids, young adults, struggling to keep their education going. It’s not like college is cheap you know. There are different family situations and I don’t understand how the government can approve of this. There is no consideration whatsoever anymore and I can’t stand seeing people leave this beautiful island just because of the financial struggles. It’s time for a serious change! Say NO to the IVA!

More information based on “IVA” here.