Welp, my lovely Wildflowers… I am late to this assignment because I was not aware we had to publish a blog post about it. But I am here now!

These are feedly feeds I’m subscribed to and I will share why they are good pages.

Ballet: The Best Photographs – It being that I’m a photography student and a ballet dancer I found this woderful page I can indulge in. It really does post some of the best artistic ballet pictures, it credits both the dancer and photographer which is a nice professional thing to do.

Jinjer Metal Band – Of course I had to add one of my favorite bands ever. They are an amazing prog-groove metal band. Tatiana kicks ass, has otherworldly vocals and God I love that woman…

Royal Opera House – The Royal Opera House is an amazing company that specializes in ballet and opera. Its divided in both companies The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet (Britain’s biggest ballet company). If you’re into classical opera and ballet, this is the page for you.

Julia Anna Gospodarou | Black and White Fine Art Photography and Architectural Photography – This woman has amazing and absolutely stunning artistic black and white architecture photography. She does other types of photography but her B&W photography is beautiful.

Mr. Lovenstein – I love reading little comics and this is one of my go to favorites when I want to distract and procrastinate from getting any work done because stress and anxiety exists.

500px: – Is a great page that displays beautiful and amazing photography work.

Film Photography Blog | Film Shooters Collective – This has got to be one of my most favorite photography blogs, mostly because its film photography and that just tickles my pickle. Its a great place to learn about photographers and their work.

Fstoppers – This photography page is excellent if you want to get the latest news in the photography community. The also create contests and offer tutorials.

The Film Photography Project – This page offers great information and news about the film photography community and they also sell products.

Tutorials | BWVISION – Art and Craftsmanship in B&W photography – This is one of the best pages that offers great tutorials for fine art Black and White photography.

BWGallerist : Black and White Fine Art Photography – Last but not least, this page is just what we need, it promotes fine art photography leaning more toward B&W fine arts

These are my classmates blog posts! make sure to subscribe to them if you’d like

Last but not least these are great blogs if you’re looking for something in the computing’s area.

Until next time, my dudes! Peace!