Tarea #1: My Experience with the Web

Tarea #2: Personalizing our Websites

Tarea #3: Collaboration and Reccomendations

Tarea #4: Privacy

Tarea #5: Portfolio

Tarea #6: Mini Project

Tarea #7: Feedly & RSS

Tarea #8: Programming

Tarea #9: This Reflection

Final Project

Overall, I enjoyed this course and I learned a lot. I’ve learned many concepts that will help me throughout my career. Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to do but never found the time. Blogging is something that will help me as a future public relations specialist to spread my message. I’ve learned the importance of privacy and have discovered many resources that will help me. This includes, WordPress, Feedly, Slides-share, and more. I also enjoyed the dynamics of this class as everything was hands-on and we weren’t just taking notes and tests.

Throughout the semester, I had 50 people visit my website.

What interested me the most was the flexibility of blogging and being able to talk about any subject. I also enjoyed the group work that was composed for the Final. Internet of Things is a topic that I will continue to promote and learn more about. The most important things I learned about was privacy and cloud resources such as slides, and doc.

What I would change about this course is the demand for weekly blogging. I recommend requiring a well written blog every month.

Also, don’t forget checking out all my personal blog posts.