Hi everyone, long time no see!!

I just wanted to take a moment to write about being on the dance team at my university. I’ve been dancing pretty much all my life but I always thought that once college came around dancing would be a thing of the past along with other high school adventures.

However, college started and all my friends joined the dance team of their college and I lowkey wanted to be on mine too. Then I saw the ad for the USCDT tryouts and began thinking…. what if I tried out. I asked my boyfriend, my roommate and my mom what they thought and they all pushed me try out. My moms advice was “No pierdo nada con intentarlo”. So I showed up on audition day, and for some reason for which I’m still unclear on I GOT IN!!

It’s now been an entire semester and I am LOVIN IT ?

Now I’m not gonna lie it has been hard. getting out of practice at 11pm three times a week is hard. The workouts are intense, the tricks are hard, the girls are mean (only some), and the coaches are strict. But I’ve already met so may amazing dancers that push me to be better, and thanks to that I’m way better than I was when I got in.

well that sums up how it’s been so far, i’ll keep you posted on this adventure ? ?