By: Jada Solomon

Some believe the wage gap is the result of gender discrimination. Its believed that the  economy doesn’t believe women can perform as well as men. Discrimination in the workplace is very common with aspects such pay,hiring,and promotions.This conveys sexism and discrimination and this can be frequently seen in male-dominated fields. To improve this it is called out that employers need to increase the number of women in their leadership ranks and improve the culture to support women. Sex discrimination cases are common and brought upon the Federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and usually it’s settled in favor of the person who filed the charge.

What can we do to stop this wage gap? There are measures and solutions one can take to stop unfair equity. First, remove the barriers in male-dominated fields and better paying fields to enforce women to join these fields. Additionally, have governmental interference in these type of cases because there is still a problem with legislating the law. For example, Iceland has become the first country to require gender pay equality. Make paternity leaves a common thing both among men and women. Establish mentoring and leadership conferences to teach the values of pay equality. The U.S government should place affordable child care acts. Lastly, making companies make the data of how much they pay their employers public.

OECD March on Gender
“OECD March on Gender” by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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In conclusion, the gender wage gap has connections in aspects such as equality, social justice and development. The research identifies the background,causes and solutions of the gender wage gap. As a whole, we must strive to reduce the difference in pay between the sexes. No matter your gender,race,ethnicity,sexual orientation,and beliefs should measure how much one is supposed to be paid. Instead, the focus should consist of experience,qualifications, and abilities. As a society, it is our civic duty to make the workplace an equal and fair environment.